The Dress Code

bea ley dress codeWe know the dress code, for girls, can often be difficult to follow, so Bea Ley has made this article as a guide of what to wear and also what not to wear.

Last week, just like the week before that, uniform was the subject of a mass email from Mr Morgan. Either the sixth form is trying to wage some sort of passive aggressive uniform war against the staff or people simply don’t know what to wear. I would like to assume it is the latter given that I am frequently plagued by this issue. Many teachers have helpful advice such as Miss Clarkson’s personal philosophy “If you would wear it at the weekend, don’t wear it to school”. However this has proved not to be specific enough for some people so here is our verdict on the popular trends and some top tips for what to wear:

  • Cut- out shirts have been a big thing recently. Personally I find  them a little frustrating as I get so cold wearing them. However if you would like to wear a cut out dress or shirt make sure the cut out sections are relatively small (around 30% of your back can legitimately be exposed). Equally do not wear something that you will be cold in…
  • Again on the subject of dresses if it has some holes in or is mainly lace we would advise getting a simple slip to wear underneath and pairing dresses with a cardigan or blazer.
  • The body-con skirt is far more mainstream and far less sci-fi than it used to be. But in terms of how appropriate they are, the rule we go by is the less fitted it is the shorter it can be. So if in doubt buy a longer body con skirt and a shorter flared skirt. The reason for this is simply because body-con has a tendency to ride up. If you are going to show a lot of leg, do not show a lot of cleavage or perhaps neither?
  • Coloured jeans are arguably the most popular trend among the sixth form. Our top tip is make sure it has not got studs as they make it very obvious that you are wearing jeans. If your jeans do have studs cover them with a floaty blouse.
  • Hoodies…. If you are so cold why don’t you get, a jumper, a jacket, a blazer or maybe a longer skirt?
  • Jackets or jumpers: we don’t think you need a jacket at all times. However keep one in school for assembly, for if you get cold, if you accidently walk to school in your pyjamas or if you accidently break the dress code. If the jumper is smart then it is ok to wear by itself during lessons over a shirt.
  • Cigarette pants are a great substitute for jeans. For shoes try brogues, suede slipper shoes or ankle boots. Pencil skirts are a good substitute for body-con skirt and infinitely more flattering.

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