Cold-Hearted Killer, Nathan Matthews, Sends Mother Measly-Mouthed Letter

thQG0IZOFMNathan Matthews, the cold-hearted killer of Becky Watts has written a barely literate letter to his mother from prison, as today he was sentenced to life. In the letter he defiantly refused to apologise for murdering his step-sister and chopping up her body.

Nathan Matthews told Anjie Galsworthy that he had not ‘ment’ to kill Becky, but in the letter he did not give an explanation for why he did it, in case it was ‘missenterprated’.

His note was sent whilst he was in custody awaiting trial. Upon receiving it his mother said that ‘she didn’t recognise this monster,’ but claimed she still loved him and was planning on visiting him in prison. She is doing this in a bid for answers, as no-one really knows the route of this anger towards Becky, but it is believed that Nathan did not feel as though Becky appreciated her parents enough.

Matthews, who had always been a porn addict, killed Becky to satisfy his ‘deep-rooted hatred and sexual desires’.

He wanted to scare her into appreciating her parents more. This ‘scaring’ began weeks before her brutal murder. When Nathan and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare visited Becky’s home he would hide behind doors and jump out at her. Her fear seemed to thrill Nathan and give him a kick. This reveals only part of his clearly twisted personality.