Klopp for the Kop or Klopp for the Flop?

moOther than a wonder win against calamitous Chelsea, Jürgen Klopp has had an indifferent start to his Liverpool career.

His loss to Crystal Place on Sunday has subdued the fan’s hopes of a new era under Klopp and 10th place simply isn’t good enough for a club with a history as rich as Liverpool’s.

But what is the ‘normal one’ doing wrong?

Firstly, the club have had their fair share of injury woes, particularly from Daniel Sturridge who it seems cannot sit on a sofa with sustaining a strain or sprain.

The ‘magician’ Coutinho has been on great form and has saved Klopp on multiple occasions already this season – Klopp will be begging Barcelona not to snap him up.

Finally the dire Dejan Lovren has been replaced by super Sakho and the Kop have responded by launching the uninventive but catchy Sakho, Sakho, Sahko chant.

Klopp certainly has changed up what was a disastrous defence into a stable base but still lacks the elusive goals.

While Origi has showed promise, Klopp simply has to put more trust in 12 million pound Danny Ings who undoubtedly needs more time to shine.

After the irritating international break, it will be intriguing to see whether Liverpool improve or whether the Klopp gamble doesn’t come up trumps.