Mourinho’s Madness keeps Chelsea ‘Rock Bottom.’


mourinhoAbove is Mourinho’s winning statistic before he embarked on his hundred game last year, last season whereby Chelsea easily cruised to league title glory. However Chelsea now stand at 16th in the Barclay’s Premier League.

Chelsea have won just 3 out of their 12 premier league games this season. Many fans call for Mourinho to be sacked. But what reasons are contributing to this disaster to which there is almost no parallel.

Chelsea were known to be home to several incredibly talented footballers. However no Chelsea player has been able to score more than 2 goals this season. In fact – Chelsea’s top scorer this season is in own goals.


Was it to do with this woman?

Eva Carneiro, former Chelsea physio, was sacked after attended to an injured Eden Hazard whilst play was still going on.

Eva has recently made statements saying she was treated negatively at Chelsea.

Eva was a very well-known and much loved member of staff amongst the players.

Eva’s departure coincides with Chelsea’s mad run in form.

Carneiro has also been in the media recently for a case against West Ham for racist treatment by the supporters.

Another complaint to the FA centred around whether Mourinho used the phrase ‘Filha da Puta’, with ‘Filha’ being the feminine and singular in the Portuguese, as opposed to the masculine ‘Filho’.

Many people believe this to be a contributing factor to Chelsea’s ‘disastrous’ season.

Whatever the reason, Chelsea’s glamourous ex physio appears to be an ex not to be messed with.



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