Will Donald come up Trumps?

Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican election recently made the headlines (nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersagain) for a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary. This rectified Trump’s loss to Ted Cruz in Iowa and reinforced  his position as the most likely candidate to take on Clinton or Sanders.

The controversial politician gained 35.34% of the votes, just less than 15% to main competitor Ted Cruz.

However in Iowa it was a different story and  Cruz claimed victory, albeit with a slender margin, going against the polls. So why didn’t Trump win in Iowa?

Clearly he will rue missing the republican debate held just days before the caucus. The billionaire instead held his own rally over the issue of war veterans which, in many ways, overshadowed the main debate. He claims to have raised over $6 million for war veterans, despite his recent clashes with senator and war veteran John McCain.

The reason Trump gave for missing the debate is his dislike of presenter Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor, who he feels has been bias against him in previous debates. Incidentally Kelly addressed the issue of Trump’s absence in the debate very early on, declaring he was the “elephant not in the room,” and the outcome of the Iowa election suggests Trump took one gamble too many with his non-appearance in Des Moines.

However last Tuesday all was forgotten with Trump’s dominant performance in New Hampshire, claiming double the percentage of votes of his closest rival on the day the Ohio governor, John Kasich. The 69 year-old has already spoken out about his chances of winning the entire election with huge confidence especially if socialist Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic election. Can he do it? Obama once joked about Trump at the White House but could this soon be a reality?

Firstly, Trump is yet to spend any real money and serious investment in the process could seriously bolster his campaign’s credibility. There are also external factors that could affect his campaign. Another terrorist attack in Europe or especially in Paris would create more anger and concern over security that plays perfectly into Trump’s arms.

However there are many barriers for Trump becoming president. Firstly there has never been a leader nominated by a US political party so utterly lacking in experience as Mr Trump, let alone elected president. Moreover polls suggest Clinton will easily beat any Republican candidate, including Trump.

One thing is certain – Tuesday 1st March will go a long way in determining Trump’s success. Super Tuesday will effectively decide if he will be the Republican candidate and could shape the American election.

Whatever happens regarding Trump and this election is bound to be a fascinating spectacle that the whole world will be watching.





One response to “Will Donald come up Trumps?

  1. The limp lineup the Republicans fielded here in New Hampshire showed a remarkable failure to even try to go after the front-runner. It appears that if anything, Jeb Bush is secretly working for the Donald.

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